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Free Online Nutrition and Health Course - Scotland

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About this free online course

In this free nutrition course residents of Scotland will understanding the benefits of a balanced diet and the role of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of disease.

The number of obese people in the UK has more than trebled in the last 25 years, reaching what many doctors believe to be ‘epidemic’ proportions.

Insufficient nutrition can lead to a variety of health-threatening conditions; understanding the benefits of a balanced diet and the role of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of disease is fundamental.

Two-thirds of the British adult population are overweight, and 27% are living with obesity.

Source: NHS

Course content

Your free course is split into manageable units.

Explore principles of healthy eating

This unit looks at how diet affects a person’s health.

Learners then look at how the 5 food groups contribute to a healthy diet and the role of different nutrients in maintaining health.

The final section provides learners with an understanding of healthy food preparation.

Consider nutritional needs of a variety of individuals

This unit encourages staff to look at how nutritional needs vary with age.

Learners gain an understanding of the special dietary requirements of people following a vegetarian diet, people with certain cultural requirements, and people with allergies.

They also gain an awareness of the factors that create barriers to healthy eating.

Use food and nutrition information to plan a healthy diet

In this unit learners gain an awareness of the information provided on food labels and how this may be used to help plan a healthy diet.

They will learn the facts behind nutritional claims on food labels and will consider the advantages and disadvantages of using food additives.

In the final section staff evaluate their own diet and make recommendations for improvement.

The principles of weight management

This unit aims to give learners an understanding of weight management and how to plan a short-term weight management programme.

Principles of food safety for the home environment

This unit gives learners an understanding of different types of eating disorders, how they develop, and their effect on health and well-being.

Principles of food safety for the home environment

In this unit learners will understand food safety in a home environment.

They will investigate safe handling of food, food storage and food disposal.

They will also look at correct cooking temperatures to ensure food is safe to eat.


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You can only take one course at a time but you can take up to 7 in one academic year.

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No, there are no exams, all courses require you to complete assessment questions based on the knowledge you have just gained from the units.

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